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Part of what puts the "Terp" in Kiwi's Terpicals


                      Examples of more commonly known and utilized terpenes, each with their own varying and increasingly useful effects. 

Naturally Sourced Plant Based Oils

known as terpenes, have long been used to create treatments for a wide variety of ailments. Other noted uses are as flavor enhancers or for fragrances.  Many environmentally friendly cleaning solutions utilize the incredible synergy between Limonene and A-Pinene to provide the anti-bacterial power necessary to clean a messy kitchen, or the acidic cleansing citrus that can degrease even the dirtiest engines.


Most commonly referenced in conjunction with the modern day cannabis industry, these oils are found in every living plant. They give flowers their beautiful aroma, hops that bitter crispness, or fruit its sweet taste.  Terpenes are even be used defensively within the plants themselves to ward predatory insects, or in a more friendly fashion to attract pollinating types.  The many possibilities are revealing themselves daily.