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About Me

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Keeley Terpstra

What started it all.....

I am blessed to work as a full time care taker in a L'Arche community, and this is a very physical and hands on job.  It's proven to be highly demanding on my body over the years, and has shown me the importance of self care.  I have been working so very hard on finding a aid to all the pains that ail me and mine from day to day.

I have always been a motivated person who loves to care for others.  In my efforts to provide relief for myself and my loved ones, I have managed to formulate a number of different naturally sourced remedies to help many people with the challenges they face each day.  Whether it's a stiff back after a restless night, cramped hands from too much writing, an unsightly blemish at an inconvenient time, or even an itchy beard... I have something for you.

The terpenes present in the plants, oils, and extracts that I utilize act as anti-mutagen, anti-bacterial, and many other powerful agents.  These constituents are what give my products their true kick, while allowing me to keep it all-natural.